LifeTO - Trickster Online Private Server
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Life Trickster Online | SSI Games


Join the group of adventurers trying to solve the mysteries of who would inherit the immense fortune left with the death of the eccentric billionaire Don Cavalier.

The environment features bright, anime-styled 2D graphics and a vast, epic landscape. Players can completely choose how they want to play the game, from simply exploring the environment and interacting with friends to fighting monsters and other players in an attempt to reach an impressive level 400.

The game showcases unique and exciting mini-games that allow players to gain experience and special items without battling enemies.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 7/8/10 | MacOS (TBA)


Intel Core™2 Duo | AMD A4 (or better)

RAM / Storage:

2.00 GB | 4.00 GB

Connection Speed:

128 kbp/s (or better)


Exciting storyline

It is believed that countless of hidden cards are buried in Caballa Island. Explore and acquire the inheritance Don Cavalier has to share!

Best 2D Graphic & Cute Characters

Enjoy cute, vivid graphics and characters suited for both kids and kids-at-heart.

Advantage of Package Game

Experience exciting package games by playing through detailed quest modes and different campaigns.

Strength of MMOG

Explore the best of MMO games through a unique chatting system and various party play modes.

New & Innovative System

Try all new and never before seen features like the Drill System, Card Battle System, My Camp System, and Monster Quest System.

Game Features

Graphics & Cute Characters

4 types of characters, each with male and female counterparts. The characters combine the RPG aspect and avatar concept, harnessing and growing strength through an Occupation Transportation System.

Drill System

A feature never seen before, you acquire new items by drilling holes in the ground. Different types of drills are available for different types of environment.

Card Battle System

A Versus Mode that pits one user against another through a game within a game.

Party System

Form your own party with friends to complete the number of unique quests.

Variety of Equipment & Items

Usable Items – Diversified portions, teleport, and hairdye for various purposes
Equipment Items – Functional (for offense/defense) and fashion items
Drill Items – Different drills for different environments
Pet Items – Each character can bring along their own pet
Other Items – Items for decorating My Camp or giving your character special powers